Are Electric Skateboards a Viable Option For Alternative Transportation?

Going Green With Motorized Skateboards As Alternative Means Of Transportation

Human societies are judged by the progress they make in terms of making life better and more enjoyable. As such, every society has an inherent incentive to strive and progress, thereby making their lives better and more enjoyable as years go by. The same case applies with regards to urban transportation.

While cars and motorcycles have been the staple means of transportation for decades now, the pollution they cause and the immense traffic congestions that come with widespread motor vehicle usage has made some people consider using alternative means of transport. Hence the popularity of motorized scooters, bicycles, and lately, electric skateboards. These are considered greener means of moving from one point to another as there are no carbon emissions involved.

In the case of battery powered skateboards, better known as e-boards, they have found enormous popularity, seemingly overnight. In many regards, they are now considered as the next big thing in personalized urban transportation. Many people foresee electric skateboards having a bigger impact than the hoverboard or any other personalized form urban transportation has ever had.

For starters, e-boards are exceptionally cost-effective compared to driving. The price spectrum ranges from $100 to about $1,500. As such, users can find a longboard at a price that suits their needs.

Secondly, electric skateboards are far easier to control. Most longboards models come with a hand-held remote controller for users to control their boards with. Other still have a downloadable mobile app that users download and use to control their boards with. Such simple means of control makes for an intuitive and stellar user experience. As such, even novices can get to grips on how to use their e-boards quite quickly.

Another inherent benefit motorized skateboards have is the ability to move up a steep gradient. Unlike it is with traditional longboards, there is no pushing and kicking involved when using an electric skateboard. Motion is produced by the electric motor, which allows users to use their e-boards up a gradient with exceptional ease. This feature has allowed users to use their boards on hills, something that is unique to electronic boards.

Additionally, by using an electric motor, users can commute faster and further. Most modern boards can travel at speed of up to 25 miles per hour. With this speed, you can whiz around your city with ease without worrying about speed. And since you are not using your own energy, you can commute a longer distance, as you do not get tired.

Another benefit to keep in mind is the safety features that most modern electric skateboards come with. Typically, an e-board will have emergency braking and even balance assist which increases the safety of these boards. Others still have exceptionally large wheels to absorb the bumps and potholes, thereby negating the possibility of falling due to loss of control. These features are unlike traditional skateboards that have nearly zero safety features. However, it is always advisable for users to take precautions and use all the safety gear necessary, including helmets, kneepads, and elbow pads.

But perhaps their biggest appeal is their green credentials. Being an electric device, it does not produce any carbon emissions. This puts it up there with walking and cycling which are considered the greenest means of getting around. You need not worry about affecting mother nature negatively while using powered skateboards. As such, the practice is clearly seen as a step in the right direction as far as going green is concerned.

All being said, they still have a long way to go before the technology matures. For instance, there is room for growth with regards to battery life, safety, user interface, and even design. Nonetheless, motorized skateboards are here to stay.

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